Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kyle - September 4, 2012

hey Everyone,
Sounds like all is going well back at home and what not.
Time keeps flying by really quick.
Thanks for the package of goodies. Sure appreciate the random
things that show up in the mail. Its always fun.
I haven't recieved the letter with the ballot in it yet.
Our mission president said we are allowed to go online
and do a little research for the election if we have one of the ballots.
This past week we were able to help with 3 different service projects!
One of which was Trimming palmTrees. We were at the house working
and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 11 hours! It was alot of fun,
but really good hard work.
Today we were givin a refferal for a guy that lives in our area,
he came to the church building right after our district meeting
and we were able to talk with him and get an understanding
of where he is at with religion and stuff.
We have an appointment to teach him tomorrow morning.
Yesterday for p-day we had a zone BBQ and also a talent show.
Elder w (the one that knows jake) and myself did a song,
while he played guitar, it was really fun!! Very nervous,but happy
to get  out of my comfort zone and not hide my talents under a bush!
I was really wishing i had my drums, i would've played those for everyone
Im sorry about your knee mom, i hope dad gets it worked out asap.
I have been having alot of back pain, and i always wish dad could be
here to help me out with it.
Dad, did you ever send the PT info in a letter at all?
I am hoping it gets here before transfers.
Random side note: I was looking at a map a few days ago, and found a street
named "Locke" that is down by our mission office, so next time i am down the
hill in rancho, i will try and swing down by it and get a picture.
I really miss kolob! i cant wait to be able to go back there, Maybe hike
boundry again who knows...
Thanks for everyones love and support!!
Have lots of fun and be safe!
Talk to you later
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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