Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ames - September 4, 2012

Crazy that we are already at the last week of the transfer, they are definatly going alot quicker the further along we go. At the end of next transfer we will have been out for 17 months... Wow.
Good to hear from all of you, i didnt quite understand what all is going on at sunny slope, sounds like our logger doesnt no how to drive a tractor all that well, should have had one of the twins up there to run that dog. Plants grow back though, its the way the earth works. I hope all the parties involved have a possitive outlook on the situation.
So a couple weeks ago i was doing some family history at a members house for a little bit after dinner, i was using Ancestry.com i think? anywho, its really cool becasue when you enter in your ancestors information it will continualy search other peoples family trees and other information that matches what you have and suggest diffrent or new information that you can add if you think it is accurate, so one thing that I found that i think mom should look into is that the furthest Ettinger back, Ludwig Ettinger, may actualy be Luwis Ludwig Ettinger. There were about four or five other peoples trees with that as the name and only one other that had ludwig, but the information on his wife and birth dates and whatnot were all the same, so maybe look into it if you can, could lead to a break through :)
Elder Ballard will be coming to the mission next week, pretty excited for that, im sure he is going to have some awesome advice for our mission.
As a mission we had 30 baptisms this last week, more in one week than we had in a whole month in the past. Pretty sweet. Our mission is getting to "The next Level" that President Killpack keeps talking about. Its pretty cool. Im excited for this next transfer to start so that I can again refocus and put in another six weeks of missionarying.
I got moms package this last week, thanks for the cookies. :) ill keep an eye out for your letter, ill probibly get it today due to labor day if you sent it to my appartment, if you sent it to the office it may be after transfers, they hold mail when it gets close so they dont send it to the wrong address.
Not a whole lot else to report on that I can think of, We will see how transfers go this next week!
Ill be praying for you all!
Much Love,
Elder Ettinger

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