Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kyle - September 17, 2012

Hey everyone,
Man sounds like everyone at home has a ton of stuff going on.
As you all know i got a new companion! and we are having such a great time!
Elder Koyle is from Burley Idaho! Cool huh? He worked on a farm back at home.
He is a really big jokester. So we have been laughing and having a good time, and
we are already really good friends! And it has only been 6 days.
 We had a pretty slow week, we were only able to see a couple people, but we were
challenged by our bishop to see/ teach at least 7 people this week. we are pretty excited
to start workin real hard. But have alot of fun at the same time.
Question: Could i get our address of the house we lived in, in burley? i wanna see how close i lived to elder koyle ha. Its fun being able to know someone that lived where we did. But we know nothing about the place.

So i realized last night that its already the middle of september. Has bishop shutdown the golfcourse yet for overseeding? I sure loved that time of the year! Lots of work hours!
Dad i will try and find some time this evening to write a letter to marilyn. ha i think it is funny that you reminded us who she was. Mom has been her friend for like 900 years! I dont think ames and i would ever forget her.
Thats nuts that there was a big flood out by the snowcanyon highschool. I will have to tell elder lieske about that. He lives in santa clara, and went to that school.
Mom, you made it sound like seth was getting home before alex leaves the mtc? did i read that correctly? Just kinda got confused there for a minute.
Well thats really about it for me this week.
I love my new companion we are getting along great.
we will for sure be friends for ever!
I love you guys! Always be safe in your activities!

Love, Elder kyle Ettinger

Elder Koyle and Elder Ettinger
The freeway near Hesperia

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