Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ames - September 17, 2012

So quick story to start my email this week: so totaly got into a bash with a guy on the way into the library today. thats an easy way to ruin a day haha. he argued that the book of abraham is a complete fraud and that makes joseph smith a fraud as well. he kept saying, "If you look on the internet..." haha what a great source of information.I tried to explain that that isnt what really matters anyways and that its that we all believe in christ and have faith in him. He then proceeded to tell us how we didnt teach people to have faith, repent, be baptized and recive the holy ghost... wait a minute, yes we do! he wouldnt listen though, i hate how he thinks he just did the world a favor.. pisses me off! gotta love the mission :)
So this week has been great, Elder Foster is a boss and we are working hard and having fun! I have come to find on my mission that when you are working hard, thats when you have the most fun as well.
We were able to see a bunch of less actives this last week, that cowboy guy i was telling you about last week came to church again yesterday, you can almost see the spirit rekindiling inside of him. Super awesome.
We had our visit from elder Ballard this last friday! it was really really awesome.We got to all line up and shake his hand. Elder Pikart (an area 70) and Elder gaye (from the quorm of the 70) also came to speak to us. They all focused on principles from Preach my gosple and how to apply them into our missions. it was a really fun time. Elder Ballard left time at the end for questions but i he never called on me :( i was really bumbed, It was really cool to be in the same room as an Apostle.
Just found out some super awesome news at the mission confrence! Im not sure if you remember or not, but when i was in Thatcher Elder Nordyke and I taught and baptized the Quarterback? Anywho, He just got his mission call to Uraguy and he will be leaving in January! WIN!!! Its stuff like this that makes missionary work so rewarding! I love it. Im going to talk to President Killpack at Zone Training this week to see if i will be able to go down for his fairwell. Im pretty sure that he will be ok with it. Super stoked.
I hope that you all are having fun times!
Love you all mucho!
Elder Ettinger
ps. Kyle and I hit our 16 month mark tomorrow! its going way to quick!

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