Monday, September 3, 2012

Kyle - August 20, 2012

Hey Family,
So This past week was probably the slowest in my whole mission, as far as the missionary work goes. We were only able to see one less active member the whole week, and our investigator was busy with doc. appointments. And wasnt able to meet with us.
But we do have an appointment set up with her on wednesday. So we are looking forward to that.
Sounds like the humidity in NC is a total bummer!! It rained alot this last week in Victorville. lots of roads were flooded out with mud all over the place. Made a good time In the little Toyota Corolla thats for sure.
I cant believe that ames and i only have 9 more months in the mission!! Super crazy!
We were talking with some other elders, and we all agree that we have been in the mission long enough. To think that the only place on earth right now. is the Cali. San Berdoo mission. Because we are pretty much surrounded by mountains. We feel like we are just stuck inside this place haha
Thanks maren for sharing the pictures with us ha. I showed Elder Werner. He laughed about it. Because he thinks its funny to see you and jake in the same picture ha
Thanks dad for sending the info on the PT stuff. She is a missionary, so i just showed her what you sent me. And she can either get permission to go on the internet site, or just wait for you to send some info to me. She appreciated it though. So thanks for sending that information.
Today for p-day we are going to be playing dodgeball at the church building. Should be pretty fun! We will may also be going to a glasses store for one of the other guys in our district to get some new glasses. Elder Troy Chambers. Remember him going to our school? its fun talking about the people back at home with him.
Thanks for everyones support and love!! It sure helps alot!
I keep all of you guys in my prayers, i am still getting use to
Including jake in my prayers. That may always seem different ha. no offense man!
Take care and have fun!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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