Monday, August 20, 2012

Ames 7/9/12

So we have our two baptisms this week! super excited about it! The ward is really on board with it as well, so we should have a really great turn out :D This last week has been a really good one. Just really busy getting things all set up for the Program and what not. We are combining the two baptisms into one service so the ward can just show up once. Should be really great :D.
Im sad that i missed out on the hiking. I miss rappelling haha its fun that our family likes to do lots of outdoor things, there are alot of families that i have met that dont do a whole lot, they are missing out on alot of fun. Just think of all the hikes that we have been on that the average hiker doesnt go on and all the really pretty nature stuff we got to see that most will never see :D. Fun Stuff. Im excited to meet jake, he seems like a cool guy, however i dont think he knows what he has gotten himself into yet, he hasnt met the twins =). 
     Sad to hear about Aunt lois and bro Tullis. Lucky we have the knowlage of the Plan of Salvation, it really is a blessing that we have that understanding. I love being able to share that with people that we talk to who have recently lost loved ones.
     For P-Day today we are going to hit up a Sportsmans wearhouse :) super excited, we may hit up a couple thrift stores as well, we will see. We are also going to play the usual basketball with the zone.
     We also have interviews this week. Im excited for this one, in the past i have gotten really nervous for them, just because of my fisrt interview experience with President Walker, but President Killpack is really awesome and uplifting =). We will see how it goes.
     Not much else going on, just the baptisms. We are going to be doing alot of tracting and contacting this next week, so we can get some new gators to replace the two that we are getting dunked.
     Love you all tons and tons!
     God Speed!
Elder Ettinger

For the Young Men:
     You all have a great oportunity to serve as missionaries. Serving as a missionary will be the biggest turning point in your life. In the last year of my mission i have learned more about the Gospel, more about life, and more about myself than i ever did in the 19 years preparing for the mission. You may have fears about serving a mission, thats fine, but dont let those stop you from going out. By being a missionary we are able to help people come closer to Christ, and by doing so it brings us closer as well and we get to share the joy with our investigators. Im so greatful that i get to serve as a missionary, and im excited to see what the second year will bring into the picture. Two years really isnt much time at all.
I love you all,
Elder Ames Ettinger

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