Monday, August 20, 2012

Ames August 6, 2012

Sick Pday!
    So for pday today, we went on a gnarly mountain bike trail that is pretty close to where we live, It was elder Ranger and my self and another companionship. At the beginning we took a wrong turn and hit this really sweet downhill section, but then once we were at the bottom we realized that we would have to turn around and go back up it... not as fun. So off we went, I took a pretty fast pace becasue i wanted to get back to the top to start the ride, almost past out a couple times which sucked but we made it back. We started the real ride and about a mile or so in i started feeling like passsing out again, so we stopped to chill for a bit. After that the ride was really nice and there were some really sweet sections that were rocky and narrow. at one point you have to ride up and over a boulder, really fun trail, dad and kyle would love it! i took a couple pics but i will send them next week because i left my bag at the appartment because it is all sweaty :D We are going to hit it up again in a few weeks and not take the wrong turn :)
     Well the last week in the missionary life was a pretty slow, we had a bumch of appointments fall through, i hate appotments that fall through. Its all good though, we were able to get in touch with a few less actives so that was really awesome. honestly thought this week was lame, so i dont have a whole lot to write about haha, mainly this ride we went on was the coolest thing.
Keep on being safe on your drive, i feel bad that its so long, ha but im glad im not driving with yalls! haha.
     Ill have more to report on this next week :) love you all tons and tons!

Elder Ettinger

ps, Yea i got your pedegree chart mom, it was pretty hard to read, but ill just copy down the info, i need to talk to brother ettinger again and get more info on his fam. We will see.
pps, the hables sent a package full of goodies this last week, pretty excited about that. ( gonna write them a thank you this week mom ;) )

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