Monday, August 20, 2012

Kyle August 6, 2012

Hey there Family,

The trip to north carolina seems super long!! it reminds me of the trip we took to uncle joels! isnt that the time that maren and i had to do some "Roadwork" together? Good times! good times!

So i just noticed that jake Cannon is part of these family emails now. Hmm, dunno if i really approve of that! ha just kidding. Future family can be part of the emails i guess.

So we have found a new finding activity!! We have been going to a couple different parks in our ward, and our district leaders ward, and drawing the whole plan of salvation out on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk!! Its so cool because people come up to us and ask what we are drawing, and we can start teaching them about gods plan for us, right then and there. pretty fun stuff! However, we found out that one of the two drawings got washed off pretty quick. Maybe it is something about church and state ha.

Our investigator came to sacrament meeting Yesterday! and she totally bore her testimony!! We are really excited about that! She is such a cool lady! She is so close to the gospel already, i think ward members thought she was just an inactive member ha.

I got the drum peddle over To the kid in my ward. And as soon as he saw it he was just totally thrilled! He was like "Dude a Tama Peddle! These things are the bomb!" ha
His mom is on the ward council, and she came up to me yesterday and said "That was nice of you to give kyle that drum peddle, i can sure HEAR that he likes it" ha
We are gonna be going over to there house another time for me to help him tune up his drums and make them sound really good. Im excited for that.

Maren, i printed out your wedding registry thing at target! Talk about a bunch of boring house stuff!! lame!! ha Just kidding. I am exctied to browse around and get you some things for your wedding!

Thats really all that is going on here!! Sounds like everyone is having a good time! We got to watch a few minutes of the olympics last night at our dinner appointment. We watched the womens diving. pretty cool stuff.

Keep treking along the country!! Be safe and we will talk to you later!

Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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