Monday, August 20, 2012

Kyle July 23, 2012


Dear Family,

Man lots of crazy stuff going on back at home! Sounds like GFR was a good time! wish i could've been there. It must have been SO boring without ames and i there of course.We are the ones that bring up the good memories with the uncles that is for sure! ha larry's laugh and tim saying cheers. oh good times!!

This past week was really intense! alot of different things happened. Some good and some bad. But we are mostly excited.

something Happened for the very first time in my mission this past week, We were givin an investigator from some other missionaries, that taught a lesson, and already set a date with her for Aug 18th!! So its my first investigator that has a bap. date set! i am way excited. We are going to be meeting her on wednesday, and doing an handoff lesson with the sisters in our zone. The gator, may want to be taught by the sister missionaries only. Which is okay with me, because i know that she will be coming closer to christ. She will be a convert in our ward for sure though.

Next event. We got a new car!! 2011 Toyota corolla, it only has about 8300 miles on it! and its a dark grey, we took off the hubcaps so it looks cooler with the black wheels. I will show you a picture.

Crazy event: We were doing another district tract on saturday, and my companion and i went up to a fence that was closed, i dont normaly go through fenced yards, but i felt prompted to go through this one. We whistled and banged on the fence to make sure there were no dogs. We were all clear. As soon as i walked in and up the walkway to the door. The big Black lab came charging around the corner at me and my comp!! This is the most adrenaline i've ever had with dogs! We turned around and ran for the gate. My companion went through the gate and i didnt have time so i had to jump the fence. Well when i landed outside my hand really hurt. I looked down and noticed that i totally sliced my hand open on the fence! I said to myself "Alright next house that opens and talks to us, i gotta ask them to help me out with my hand" well, the lord works in misterious ways because the next guy that talked to us was a retired nurse for the marines!! Let me tell you, he knows how to scrub out a wound!!!! It felt like he was using sandpaper! Super painful. But it was neat experience. My hand is doing better now no worries

We are winding down to the end of this transfer!! its so crazy to see how fast the 6 weeks go each time!!

Keep having fun and sharing your testimonies with others!!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Kyle's cut hand. 

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