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Kyle July 16, 2012

Kyle 7/16/12

Dear ettinger family,

Man i had to take like 15 minutes just to read about all the excitment going on back at home! holy cow!

congrats maren on being engaged!! i may or may not have shed a tear in the library!! ha and dad sure added the emotion when he talked about how he and the bishop have seen such a great change for the better in ames and I!! i cant wait to tell all my buddies that my sister is going to be married in december! its so crazy that this is actually happening!! AHHH!!!!!! haha man i am super hyper right now! i love this feeling!!

Because our car is still at the collision repair shop, we werent able to get to most of our usual appointments. We were however, able to get to two different less active homes, where one of them had an electric drumset! i was totally in heaven! i miss the drums so much!! he took some pictures of me playing, and also got a video that i will have to get to you guys sometime in the future.

Thanks dad for sharing the story about our future brother in law! Ha thats pretty funny that he talked to you about marrying maren during a rappelling trip! i'd have to say that was a smart idea, to talk to you about marrying someone you love so much, doing something that you and the family love so much! pretty awesome! i wish i could've been on that hike for sure!
Things are going well with my companion and i, we get along well, we have some really good laughs. I cant believe that this transfer will end in two weeks! (transfers are the 31st of july)
Thanks mom for sending out the drum equip. Brother k in the ward is really excited about it. And i am just happy to be able to help him out.
i am also giving my desk stereo speakers to another elder, and i scratched/destroyed and threw out some cds that i thought were uplifting, and thought should be approved, that i knew werent. i am doing all i can to become a more obedient missionary again. i only have 10 months left (in two days) and i NEED to have no regrets. The mission is to short to not serve the lord 100 percent.

I love all of you guys so much! and i hope everyone has a great week!! keep smiling!!
love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

just wanted to send you a quick picture of the damage of our car.
At least it was held on by packing tape for a couple days. ha

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