Monday, August 20, 2012

Kyle 7/9/12

Dear family,

I totally forgot that you guys went and did the mystery hike! How many
miles is it? is there alot of hiking through the narrows?

This past week has been cool for a couple of reasons. We got to visit
with one of our less active families, and they are doing really good!
We are gonna talk about prayer with them next time we go over. They
know that they need to come back to church, they just seem to have
things get in the way alot.
we also taught a lesson to our investigator family, about the degrees
of glory. That was a really fun time.
the lame part about this week is that, elder lieske borrowed our car
this week, because we needed to use his truck to help someone move. He
was backing our car out, and turned to soon. and smashed our bran new
fixed bumper that we only had for a week!! I was really upset at
first, but i am over it now. last time it cost 1200 dollars to fix.
this time it is going to be 1800 to fix. Oh well

Mom, i cant really think of anything else i need right now. You can
just send some goodies with the drum pedal. p.s.. i told the member
that you were gonna send that out to me to give to him, and he lit up
and got way excited about it! So im also very excited to get it to him
whenever it comes.

Thanks for everything you guys do for me! your support is so great!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

Note to the priests:
Hey there guys! Hope all is going well on your 50 mile hike!! man how
much i miss going out in the woods and goofing off with the quorum.
On my mission, i have really been able to see the spirit work through
me, to help other people. Something that i would reccommend over and
over to all of you guys, is to never do anything to lose the
companionship of the holy ghost. The spirit is what keeps us closest
to the straight and narrow path.
Another suggestion i have, that i may have said in the past, is to
Include the studies of the preach my gospel manuel into your regualar
scripture study. Something i wish i did more before my mission was not
just read, but study preach my gospel!
The lords work is the best work you can do! I wouldnt want to be doing
anything else in life right now, not even cutting grass at the ol'
golf course with bishop Cooper! And that right there is saying
something!! Remember to share your testimonies with your non member
friends. if anything, just be an example! God bless and god speed
guys! See you all in about 10 months! No time goes faster than the
time that you serve the lord!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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