Monday, August 20, 2012

Ames July 31, 2012

So Elder Ranger and i are going for round two, pretty excited about it. After this transfer I will have been with elder ranger for a total of three transfers, or 4 months, longer than any other companion thus far.

We had a pretty slow week this last week. The last week of the transfer is always hard. But now we get to refocus and pump out some work in the next six weeks.
Im glad that everyone had a good time on the hike, i was super jealous that we were missing it. We will have to go on alot of hikes in the summer of 2013.
So we just learned in our email from President Killpack today that we will be having a visitor from the Quorm of the Twelve in September. He didnt say who it was, BUT when you have connections in the mission you can find anything out :) so Elder Ballard will be coming to the mission :) Gotta love informants.
Dad asked for a follow up on a few stories:
The Girl we found a house for was able to end up going to south Tucson to a friends, havent heard from her since that night nor will we. We were talking with the member that helped us yesterday though and we thought that it would be cool randomly find her in like 20 years and see that she joined the church or something. That would be cool.
The Lady we tracted into, hasnt been able to make it to church yet, she is really busy taking care of her parents at this stage in their lives, but we stop by once a week to check up on her.
We havent heard from the teenage girl either, we have her phone number though so we are planning on shooting her a text this week to see whats up. I hope that it turns out well because she was super nice and seemed generaly interested,.
That is the update, im not jealous about your rediculously long car ride this coming week :D haha. that would stink. Make sure you drive safely!
I dont think i have anything else to report on this week. Im sure next week will be amazing!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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