Monday, August 20, 2012

Ames July 23, 2012

Last week of the Transfer

So guess what? because our zone met our mission standard for baptisms in one month we get to have a big steak BBQ at the mission presidents house this week! haha super stoked for some steak.
This week has been full of awesome miracles. check it out:
So we went tracting a few weeks back and ran into this lady that was really nice but told us to try back in a few weeks, usualy that means dont come back. But we felt like we should try it again. so thursday afternoon we went by and again, she was really busy and told us to come back that evening. Elder Ranger and myself wernt too surprised and we really didnt even think we would go back. That night we had a ward missionary out with us and we tried a bunch of former investigators with absolutly no luck, so we decided to try the lady back because she specificaly told us to come back in the evening. We knocked the door and the lady answered and came out on the portch and talked with us for an hour! She told us her whole life story and how she had been praying for help and guidence and thats when we showed up that afternoon! but she was busy with her dog and really couldnt talk right then. It was awesome, she wanted to come to church but wasnt able, not sure why yet but we are going to keep a close eye on her for sure. Awesome stuff.
Next one: last night we came in a little early becasue everything was going to pot and we were tired from the work week. As we were sitting there the thought came into my mind to go and see this guy named Jesus in our aparment complex. On our way over to his place we past a couple teenagers that were sitting chatting on some grass, the though came in mind to contact them, but it was dark and it would have been kind of awkward, so i just walked by. Knocked on Jesus' door and no one was home and the apartment was super dark, dang. The thought then came into my head, "You walked past the reason you came to see Jesus, go contact them." I taked it over with elder Ranger, we were both not wanting to al all because of the awkwardness of walking by once and not saying a word, but because i felt like it was the Spirit we did it. We walked up and said hello and i asked if it would be cool if we sat down and chilled with them for a few minutes and the girl was super nice and said that it would be ok. We talked about what they both liked to do and how their summer was going. We brought it around to the gospel and had a great conversation. We talked about church and she expressed an interest in coming on sunday! It was super duper awesome! after we got back to the apartment i was up in the clouds! Missionary work is just awesome!
All else is going well, thanks for the package mom, it helped restock my cupboards :D
Im sad we missed out on felling some bohemoth trees, that would have been really cool.
We will see what this next transfer brings! I cant believe that its already over, and that we can count our months left on our two hands! Its going too fast.
Love you all lots!
God Speed,
Elder Ettinger

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