Monday, August 20, 2012

Kyle July 30, 2012

hey family,

Man where did this transfer go? i cant believe it is already over!!
Well the news is, Elder King and i are staying together yet again! we were both super suprised about that. We are going to do all we can to stay positive and not end up hating each other. It is kinda tough being with the same companion for 4 and a half months! super crazy!
However, since we are both staying, we are gonna be able to go to a priesthood social night on the 9th, and at the end of the month on the 24th and 25th i believe we are gonna go up to a place called "Blue ridge" its through the city of wrightwood up in the mountains. And we are gonna camp!!! so stoked about that. We are gonna try and get some potential gators to go with us as well. So its gonna be a good time! But it is still a little while away. But i know it'll be here before i know it.

dad great questions, i really havent heard much from past comps, and areas of what has been going on with the people that i have worked with in the past. i dont remember anyone that we set up a lesson with that died on my birthday? Thats really weird.
The lady that wanted to be rebaptized, she is still a crazy lady that has ALOT of issues with the church. The girl down in rialto with her sister, i think arent being taught anymore, i'd have to ask the elders down there.

Sounds like a crazy time going down birchhollow. Im sorry mom that you got hurt going down. I hope the rest of the hike made it all worth it. At least you got to spend some more time with marens fiance! Man i am still weirded out by this marriage stuff of marens. Interesting.

Mom i did get the package. thanks for that. i will be taking the drum peddle to the kid in our ward tomorrow probably. I hope you didnt have to pay twice for the postage though. i thought you guys had the right address. my bad.
Maren, i did get your pictures a couple weeks ago. The one with you flying the kite right? yea got em. thanks! Super stoked for the engagment pics and the picture of your ring.

Not much else going on here. my hand is doing well, healing up fast. My old fingernail is coming off more. but its a slow process.

Thanks for all the love and support! Keep having a good time and be safe!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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