Monday, August 20, 2012

Kyle August 13, 2012

Dear Family,

It seems like it is always the beginning of the month, then it is almost the middle of the month, and then out of  no where it is the end of the month! i dont understand!!
I dunno if the family knows, but ames and i have been sending a memory card back and forth through the mail. So we have been able to see eachothers appartments, and see some fun things that have been going on. its really fun to show other missionaries how my twin brother is.

This past week was pretty good! We went on splits with one of the members. And we felt prompted to stop in at a house that hadn't been visited for awhile. The Less active member was home, and we got to talk about his old job in Ephraim UT as a deputy sherriff i think. It was way cool to hear some of his stories. The member we took over there is really in to hotrod cars, and doing auto mechanics. The Member we visited is also very interested in cars. So they hit it off really well, and we talked to the EQ president to change him as his home teacher. ha our bishop said "Sometimes we are very inspired on who people home teach, and sometimes, like right now, we make changes because they just make sense" it was kinda funny.

Our investigator came to church again!! and made alot of good comments in the Gospel Principles class! We are planning on teaching her about the plan of salvation this next wednesday. Its pretty awesome.

Thanks for giving us a good update on how the roadtrip went! Sounds like something i really didnt miss out on in the small car ha. But i am sorry that we missed it. We will be able to go on more trips when we get home, no worries.

So i just need to let jake know really quick, that maren showed us her amazing wedding dress!! And i just wanted to rub it in your face!! and make you get all anxious and upset that you have to wait till december! ha Sucka!!!!

I know that we only have nine months left. Thanks for the good words of encouragment! Family support is so helpful! and i wouldnt be able to serve to my fullest without you guys!!

Today for P-day we are planning on playing some indoor kickball!! Pretty awesome!
I will probably relax a bit, and also play some piano as well.

hope everyone is having a great day full of laughs and good times!! Thanks for all of the love and support! You guys are the best!
Love, Elder Kyle Ettinger

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