Monday, August 20, 2012

Ames July 16, 2012

Well it seems that this week has been pretty crazy for the entire Ettinger Clan, Pretty exciting stuff.
For the Ames section of the week.
We had our two Baptisms!!! they were both this last saturday and we just did one service for the both of them. It was so fun! its really exciting to see the people you teach make it all the way to the font. Loving the mission. We are going to be starting up on the new member lessons with the both of them and get them acclimated to the new life they are going to live. Awesome!
Also this week, actualy a couple hours after the baptism, we had a guy in the ward call us saying that a 18 year old girl contacted him in our appartment complex looking for the "Mormon guys". Turns out this girl used to meet with missionaries in the past and she just got into tucson and didnt have any place to stay. So we called the bishop, no answer, 1st counciler, no answer, 2nd counciler, no answer. great, what are we going to do. Called the Ward Mission Leader, he said it was too late to call anyone... Sweet. Growing up in the house that I did, especialy with dad as an example, i dont care if this girl is a member or not, she needed a place to stay and we were the ones she knew could help. We called a member that we are tight with who also lives in the complex and she and her husband met up with us and the girl. After talking about options and making a boat load of phone calls we got her a place to stay. She only needed a place for a couple nights until a friend came back into town. It was a really neat experience to be able to help this girl. She ran away from a terribul situation in california and you could see that she was super scarred and confused. And you could see it leave her face just a little bit when she had our help. She said "You guys are truly angels." What a blessing to be able to be a Miracle in someone elses life.
Next story: We had a new family at church today, it was their first day in the ward but their records havent been send over yet from the old ward, guess what the last names is... Ettinger!!! spelled the same way and everything. We got to talking and im pretty sure we have to be related, i got some names from him and ill send mom on a geneological mission this week :) Not gonna lie, we kinda look related too!
Next story: Like kyle, we had car problems yesterday, backed into a Jumping Cholla and smashed the side of the car real good, going to see the Vehicle Cordinator today, unlike kyles mission, we can loose our driving privleges for something that small. Time will tell! I was really worried yesterday, i dont like getting in trouble :(...
Next Story: We started teaching a family this last week. Our second lesson with them is tonight :D super awesome!
I think thats all i have for this week!
Hope all else is going great!
Love you all!
Elder Ettinger

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