Monday, August 20, 2012

Ames August 13, 2012

Sounds like you guys had a nice LONG road trip :) haha. I agree with kyle, sitting in a car that long isnt much to miss out on.

I was actualy just talking to one of my mission buddies about how i get to go to the other side of the country now to make visits :D im thinking that while over there we may need to take a trip out to some sweet dive spots. Another missionary in my District, Elder Bouwhuis, is Scuba certified so we talked about it today while driving around. Im excited to go get in some water next summer.
Today we went and hit that sweet mountain biking trail again :D it was super fun, we didint go the wrong way this time! which made it alot more fun. We took two more missionaries this time as well so it was fun to have a bigger group. We only had two wad it up and they were both minor, and both were over the handle bars, funny how that always seems to happen.
We have Zone confrence this week, should be fun, i like going to them now because i get to see old mission buddies and what not. As well as get uplifted and encouraged :D
Love Marens Dress! haha, Jake should feel left out! haha. I like how you can see mom and dad in the mirror as well!
This last week was another slow week, the missionary work up here in the north Zone is super diffrent than anywhere else i have served. Everyone is gone from 9-5 and then once it gets a little dark in the evenings no one wants to answer the door! aaa its difficult. Ill probibly be here for confrence though which would be really fun, we have some really cool members here in the ward.
So maren moved into a house? i didnt know that, i figured that it would be into an appartment. Crazy crazy!
Sorry that this one is so short,
hope all is going well on the home front!
Love you lots,
Elder Ettinger

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